Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's the little things

My boyfriend made me laugh for about five minutes this afternoon by quoting the sayings I spout the most:

"You know what my favourite thing is?"
"Do you know what I love?"
"That's fan-freaking-tastic!"
"Isn't life amazing!"
"Get up, there's so much day!"

Ok, it sounds a bit over the top, but it's actually true. This conversation started because for the third time since I acquired it, I've told him about my new milk dispenser I purchased for $3 at Giant Tiger and how much it makes me happy!

Emilie: "Do you know what I love? Getting up in the morning and having "Goatmeal Crisp" and pouring milk over it with my new Cow Milk Container!"
Billy: "Really? I had no idea! Tell me more!" (I'm sure you can even read the sarcasm!"

It's simple and it makes me so happy.

I decided I wanted to sew a maxi dress out of items I had kicking around in my sewing room. The winning fabric was this jogging material that I got a while back from a giant discount bin in Cornwall. My mom and I were literally knee deep in the basement of a creepy fabric store. The discount bin was bigger than my kitchen.

This is my first sewing project done entirely without a pattern! Check it out:


  1. This blog is so sweet! I've been wanting to sew a maxi dress for a while now!

  2. awesome signature!!! did your mom write it???lol