Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's cold out, turn on the oven!

Brother just heated up a plate of his dinner and asked that I write down the recipes I used for the feast in the fridge.

Dinner was inspired by the ground chicken on sale at the grocery store, the peas I got from a friend who was moving, and my love of creamed corn! You guessed it, shepherd's pie was on the menu tonight! I was planning on making a scary dish this past weekend for halloween, but the BF laughed and said, but don't you need to be cooking for kids to make that? That squashed my scary shepherd's pie idea. Maybe next year I'll round up some children and make it!

Next up I made a big pot of Curried Cauliflower for lunches and to freeze. I find it didn't turn out spicy enough. I'll have to adjust the spices for next time. Here's my recipe and here's one I'm going to try next time with ginger and jalapeno peppers for an added kick!



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