Friday, December 24, 2010

On holidays, now it's time to blog!

I have a week and 2 days off from work. I'm on day two and I haven't stopped yet! I had the grand idea that I wanted to sew a lot of my Christmas presents this year. I've finally finished and wrapped everything. One of them didn't turn out nicely and this morning I got up and decided how I was going to fix it (it's Christmas eve morning by the way). I just checked the Fabricland website and they should be open at 9. Plenty of time! Pictures of all my gifts to be posted after they've been received! No peaking!

Until then, I've been having lots of outfit fun lately. Notice the bow/tie theme!

Sewing Projects:

This red sweater had a matching band across an awkward section of my hips. I took it off and attached it as a bow.

I made this skirt in one day! I'm also sporting my new haircut!

Happy holidays!

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