Saturday, January 8, 2011


Things I love about a Saturday to myself:

1) cleaning and re-organizing my apartment (especially my kitchen)
2) listening to "happy" music while doing the above mentioned task
3) making really tasty food with intricate aspects that a person preparing a meal for themselves wouldn't normally go to the trouble of doing- e.g. toasting walnuts for a salad, making a panini, setting the table, making a cranberry fizzy drink, etc.
4) the sunshine pouring into my pretty and clean apartment
5) staying in bed late and calling my mom to talk about all the fun "puttering around the house" activities we are going to do that wonderful saturday.
6) after all the cleaning is done, sitting down to my project list and picking the most fun one to tackle

My boyfriend has a saying for my saturday morning eagerness to get up and moving: "so much day". I love it!

Now I'm off to enjoy my afternoon with a latté and some reading!

Enjoy your saturday everyone!

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