Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Recipes

I'm working a project (a very slow progressing project as it's been a few months since my mother and I had the idea). I want to put all of our family recipes together into a book. Of the few dozen we have, I've only done testing on 3 so far! Here's one of my favourites (just the pictures, the recipe is too awesome to share! Here's a hint though, when making banana bread- increase the amount of bananas you add by one. Try it, you'll never go back!).

Ma's One Bowl Banana Bread/Muffins (with Emilie's Chocolate Chip Addition!):

I never do jeans at work on "dress down friday" even when everyone around me does (that includes my bosses!). I just can bring myself to do it. I do try to do my outfits a bit more casual though. Here's my attempt at it!

I get to see my new apartment tomorrow for the first time since we toured it a month ago! Can't wait to get my decorating skills fired up again! I love new apartments...


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  1. I got to taste it. Our book will be a best seller for sure...Had a blast at the party....Ma