Monday, April 11, 2011

After yesterday’s post about eating amazing food (especially of the chocolate variety), I thought it only appropriate that I share with you my hotel workout routine.

Step One: Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you need to get ready.

Step Two: Do this work out once through. If you have more time, do it more!

20 Jumping Jacks, 20 High Knees (hands parallel to floor at waist height, bring your knees up to hit them), 20 Burpees (jump up then hop your legs back and get in a plank position, do a push up- that’s one!), 20 Sit ups, 20 Lunges, 20 Squats


Night number two of the conference:

At the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto- so fancy!

Our booth at the trade show:

Cake compliments of Divine Cravings in Cobourg ON.


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  1. wow who made those amazing pull up banners???