Friday, April 22, 2011

Apartment Project - Bathroom

You can tell an old house when the bathroom is the size of a closet (while the closets are the size of a suitcase) and the kitchen was designed before fridges where common place appliances! My bathroom was a pretty big challenge. I had some pretty awful tile to hide behind the toilet, a very worn tub and zero counter space.

Bathroom on moving day:

One of many flower pictures I had to do something to now that I'm living with a male!

After finding some great pages from my old President's Choice Magazines:

Here's how the bathroom turned out:



  1. The bathroom might be small but you made it looked lovely and cozy. Well done, Emilie!

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


  2. hey emilie - you've inspired me on a day I really needed it! Our house was beautiful 2 years ago when we moved in ( we have always bought houses that needed completely renovating but this time bought one from people with taste!)
    Unfortunatly, as we've gone along making some more rooms (and basement conversions as you know) we've gradually created a house that needs renovating!!!
    Anyway, due to some major boiler moving, today was the day our downstairs bathroom (which is exactly the same shape and size as yours) was RUINED. Not a little...beyond repair!
    I love what you've done with yours...and can't wait to get mine looking so lovely!
    happy easter to you...fee ♥

  3. WOW...very nice transformation! my bf and i are in the process of redoing somethings his apt; what a task!! lol. have a great weekend!