Tuesday, April 26, 2011

one last meal and first time donation

It's that time again! Hard Core Challenge time! Here's the deal:

12 days
1650 calories per day
1 hour exercise per 2 days
1 drink max per day if it falls in the calorie range

The prize? Shopping spree!

Before a challenge we always have a fun meal to celebrate. Usually it ends up being a panini sandwich or a "dipping" meal (we make anything we can dip into fun sauces!). This last meal was homemade chicken fingers, sweet potato fries, coleslaw and green beans sauteed with toasted almonds. The dips where a chipotle mayo and a honey mustard.

I got to use a lovely flee market find for our dessert of strawberries with maple syrup, whipped cream and dark chocolate. I got 6 of these awesome 1970's green parfait glasses for $10!

It's day 2 and I'm going strong! I did a cycling class at 6am and had oatmeal with a banana and orange juice for breakfast. For snack I had hummus and veggies and lunch was a ham sandwich and coleslaw. Snack was extra special because it was a juice box and nutra grain bar at the "snack bar" of the Canadian Blood Services blood donor clinic! Yes, I was a first time blood donor today!