Friday, April 15, 2011

Train Breakfast

My train was at 5:45am this morning, so needless to say I jumped out of bed at 4:30am, showered, changed and grabbed my neatly packed lunch from the fridge that I organized the night before.

Traveling light for a day trip is a tough task. I had to make sure I had everything to do my work and go to my meetings first. Then I had to make sure I was wearing the appropriate outfit and shoes (comfy enough to travel, warm enough for the weather, appropriate enough to wow current and potential clients, but awesome enough to match the other "suits" in Toronto- that's a tough task!). I ended up with grey pants from and a black collard dress shirt; classic and stylish.

Here's a quite sneaky shot of my fun breakfast. I packed it all in disposable bags (my lunch kit can be squished into almost nothing for re-use): whole wheat english muffin with cheese and tomato slices (I even brought salt and pepper in another bag), granola from yesterday's batch, an apple and veggie sticks for my afternoon snack, and orange slices. Yum!

On an aside, where do fashion bloggers find the time to fit in the awesome outfit shots of themselves? I couldn't do one this morning at 4:30am and then I was around people all day (not a good place to set up your camera and take blog pictures of yourself). Now it's been all day of wear, my hair is poofy and I'm tired; not a great picture taking time, especially since I'm on a train for another 4 hours. Tell me your secrets!



  1. Hi Emilie!
    Thanks for visiting my blog - its great to get to know yours too :)
    I am really impressed with your commitment to healthy eating and packing your own lunches - I am not so disciplined!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Lisa x

  2. your smile is so radiant and you're so great at packing essentials! as far as your question towards the end, is there anyone you feel comfortable with asking to take pictures for you? i know in this instance you weren't in a comfortable scenario but how about in your house before you left?

  3. make me some of those for Monday morning :)

  4. so nice
    thank you for a nice doing....