Friday, May 27, 2011

Dinner and a movie (and snacks!)

What tasty food I had yesterday. I think it was worth a day of soft food today because my mouth is burned!

Mid afternoon snack of grapes, carrots and hummus.

Dinner of Cherry BBQ Sauce Chicken Thight (courtesy of my awesome BBQ mater of a BF) with sauteed green beans and toasted walnuts with a baked potato.

Thursday night is movie night and we hosted this week. Check out this spread! We got Lime Nacho Chips from Farm Boy, Hot Chunky Salsa, a fruit tray and some Iced tea and Gingerale (weird, I know, but it was surprisingly tasty!).

The movie was ok too (but pailed in comparason to the tasty treats). We watched Limitless with the guy from the Hangover.

Happy friday everyone! We're going to Montreal this weekend! Can't wait to show you my shopping finds!


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