Saturday, May 7, 2011

mediocre greek food

The bf got a coupon for a greek restaurant way in the south of Ottawa - but there was a coupon!

So the get me ready for it he said "I'm taking you out to a mediocre greek restaurant with a coupon"! He brings me to the nicest places!

It's nickname fit it beautifully though:

So so dipping platter with Hummus, Tzatziki, smokey eggplant and a very salty dip that I forgot the name of (it hurt if you put too much in your mouth).

A very"normal" greek salad.

Awesome Lamb Souvlaki.

Descent Meat Backlava.

The BEST home made cheesecake with raspberry sauce. Seriously, this cake made the restaurant.

Outfit of the day:

Happy weekend everyone! Next post will be from the lovely Banff Alberta!


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