Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Picnic Love

The bf and I had tons of energy and motivation today! We took our bikes out for an hour and a half after breakfast. It was supposed to rain all day, but we got sun the whole time! We stumbled upon a great park on our way back and decided to come back and have our lunch there.

The first picnic of the year! What a success. We grilled some amazing sandwiches on our panini maker (cajun chicken, hot salami, dijon mustard, swiss cheese, artichoke hearts and spinach). On the side we had veggies, hummus and a tasty Bartlett pear.

We didn't want the summer day to end so we bbq'd our dinner: marrinated sliced top sirloin served over a fresh Caesar salad with Parmesan and garlic whole wheat croutons.

Product Review:
President's Choice Light Caesar Dressing (found in the fridge of the produce section).
As light dressings go usually they are higher in sugar (and have a sweet taste) and a low on flavour (fat usually adds lots of flavour AND calories!). This one was quite the opposite. It doesn't have any sugar and the flavour was pretty good (not 100% but better than the Renee's light caesar we tried a few months ago). It was a good buy in the end!


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  1. I LOVE a picnic. I haven't bought anything new for my hols apart from a new picnic bag!!!

    fee x