Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oh by the way I'm 15 minutes away

I had to go to Toronto for a meeting and because of traffic and a later than expected finish time I called my parents to let them know I was stopping over for dinner and a sleep! After hugs, kisses and hellos I sat down to this feast!

Homemade burger with corn relish, coleslaw and fresh from the garden lettuce and tomatoes. They tasted like summer!

I've been talking about ice cream sandwiches a lot this summer. I think it's because Decadent Cookies from Presidents Choice (my favorite store bought cookie) made a frozen iced cream sandwich product that everyone's been talking about.

I had to improvise, but I swear it's 20 times better than the packaged cookie. I used 2 cookies from Divine Bakery and some real iced cream (all from my parents' freezer!).

Since this was an unplanned extra night away from home I did my laundry and recycled an outfit. My shirt from monday and pants from tuesday.


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