Friday, July 1, 2011

Curly Hair in the Summer

Do any of you have naturally curly hair? I love it! It's great for versatilityr. I can straightening, put a bit of curl in it, or let it dry into a fun full head of curls.

It gets a bit boring in the summer when I can't straighten my hair. It's also darn hot in this humidity! I'm thinking of cutting them a bit shorter. Since my hair grows so fast, they should be long in time for straightening season in the fall!

I wanted to put together a few pictures of my favourite hair styles of the past year or so:

Curly Look 1: Fun and messy for a night out.

Straight Look 1: Sleek with a bit of a curled in look.

Curly Look 2: Fresh and natural for everyday.

Straight Look 2: Pulled back with a side part for a more professional look.

Curly Look 3: Shorter and half up for those hot summer day!

Straight Look 3: Long and Straight.

What do you think? Straight, curly, long, short?


1 comment:

  1. my hair was poker straight, until I had children! now it has kinks - strange after years of trying to curl it.
    (it also has more grey thanks to said children)

    Love your hair curly - although it looks beautiful in picture 2 too. Lucky you to have both options.
    fee x