Sunday, July 31, 2011

Food & Wine (or beer)

After my workout on Friday it was pretty late and very hot in the apartment. We decided to go out for dinner instead of sweating in the kitchen. When I came back from getting dressed I had a very pretty and not-so-casual dinning dress on. That made our restaurant decision pretty obvious!

Dress designed and sewn by my mother and I last summer.

We looked in our coupon book for a quite yet fancy restaurant and found the Urban Pear in the Glebe.

It was perfection.

Our waiter was great. He helped me pick a lovely Canadian red while the BF sampled a blood beer. We sipped our wine and munched on tasty baked-in-house baguette with celery butter.

The chef took his time with our order because we hinted to our waiter that we wanted quality! The BF ordered a spicy chicken (but requested it to be actually spicy) and I took the salmon.

In the end, as usual, I picked the better tasting and more complex dish. The salmon was flavoured and cooked to perfection, the veggies were crisp, the tomato and sunflower seed "sauce" was like a symphony on the tongue. I'm not a bacon fan, but this dish had lovely chunks of bacon that really gave it a nice smokey flavour. On the bottom was a nest of crispy fried thin noodles.

I loved the ambiance of this restaurant, I also loved the neighborhood, the service and the company! Perhaps we'll go again during the winter season, but if we don't at least I'll have the memory of my evening still dancing in my mouth.


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