Wednesday, August 17, 2011

blue and red

I have a red scarf that has a hint of blue in it. I love using it to brighten up blue outfits. It's unexpected, vintage and really fun!

Blue short sleeved/collard shirt with white pants and red scarf.

Blue dress with red scarf tucked into my belt.

I stayed at my brothers place on Tuesday night and thank goodness he had some food on hand because I was not up for going to the grocery store. I cooked some of his feta and spinach ravioli and made a quick and spicy tomato sauce.

We had a great night running errands and hanging out in Chapters with our tall-decaf-skinny-lates and chatting about literature.

Before bedtime I made our lunches. Vegan Veggie Pockets with hummus, grated carrot (I'm a sucker for this stuff, I love old fashioned carrot and raisin salads!), tomato, spinach and a hint of sundried tomato dressing.

I was lucky enough to have a catered lunch during my work meeting today so I saved my Vegan Pocket for dinner. I assembled it in the parking lot of Loblaws and ate it in the car! Very classy. But really tasty, so I didn't mind!



  1. You look gorgeous in that dress, the scarf is PERFECT with it!!!

    And that sandwich sounds delicious...I may have to try that.

  2. Love the color blue on you! And what a fun scarf! Of course, the food pics make me wish I could reach through the computer screen. :)

  3. Love The Dress & This Post Overall! :)
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