Saturday, September 3, 2011

4 day weekend! (day one)

I stayed a bit longer in my parent's town after my stay over. I just love being there, it's always sunny and cool (they're on the water). I always feel like there's so many chores and projects to to when I'm home, so I love the times when I just get to relax.

I slept in (for me!) till 7:45am and it felt good! I made myself breakfast in bed and ate it while checking out blogs.

After dropping my mom off at work I headed to the gym for a much needed hour and a half workout. Then I got to work on a picnic lunch to bring to my mom at work.


The picnic site was a table set up behind my mom's work. The red checkered blanked fit perfectly!

On the menu was a quinoa salad with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from my parents' garden with an orange balsamic dressing. On the side was a whole grain bun and boiled eggs. Of course there was the mandatory juice in a jar- labeled of course!

After the picnic I hit up my favourite Cobourg stores. I found an amazing dress at Twice as Nice on King Street and some awesome picnic plates/glasses at Beyond the Blue Box. I also found a cheese plate with a glass dome that fits on my baby cake plate!



  1. Wow! Day 1 looks and sounds fabulous! And I love your picnic dress! :)
    Thanks for sweet comment on my blog!

  2. You look so cute in that outfit!

  3. How FUN! you are so cute.

    Meal looked great

  4. You can meet me for a picnic any day! Yum. Now I'm dying for a banana. :)

  5. the picnic looks so fun!!