Thursday, September 29, 2011

Behind the scenes

I had a great night at work this week! Yes, I said night. We catered a book signing for a Canadian Chef. On the menu were four recipes from his recipe book.

The kitchen staff had things under control so I was able to take some shots of the prep and some final products.

It was a tasty night!

Tools of the trade, I love a nicely organized and totally equipped kitchen!

500 hundred sandwiches! These bad boys were darn tasty with a flavourful mayo, seasoned chicken breast, bacon lettuce and tomato.

Hundreds of roasted corn fritters. They were served topped with an avocado salsa.

Making sandwiches!

The finished products:

We also served a vegetarian chili and melt in your mouth 8 hour beer braised short ribs on a celeriac and brown butter mash (needless to say there are no pictures of such a masterpiece, it's all in my belly!).

Loving my job right now!


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  1. why do I love that picture of the steel utensils so? it's the antithesis of pretty... but so appealing!
    fee x