Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween costume and baking

Happy Halloween blogland!

I had a great weekend getting ready for the Halloween party I attended on Saturday. It was Harry Potter Themed. I found myself most drawn to Harry's lovely pet owl Hedwig, so after lots of research I found the inspiration to sew this lovely Hedwig costume:

I used lace and an old shirt and cut pieces from a hand made shape (cut out of a cereal box). I sewed each piece onto a shift dress I sewed from some old sheet fabric. The wings are just scrap lace I had. The mask was cut out from a pattern I printed from the web. I used stiff felt for the base and some elastic to make a band. I used a hot glue gun to put feathers on it.

For the actual party I put my hair up in a side bun and put lots of white eyeshadow around my eyes. I bought the cute envelope (that actually opens so you can put secret letters in it- very small secret letters) from etsy and it came just a few days before the party!

I also made some tasty sugar cookies! Some owls (in honour of my costume!) and some "patronus charm" shapes- rabbits and deer.

I love using these cookie cutters. They're from my mom. I used to play with them as a kid with play-do.

Inspiration from here but I wanted them white so I used this recipe.

Hope you have a fun Halloween!



  1. oh, yep, look at you! i love it! the wings out of lace? perfection, seriously. but i think what i love most is that you're not a typical owl.. you're hedwig!

    in light of owls, love those cookies too :)