Sunday, October 16, 2011

leggo my eggo!

When I was younger my friends and I loved eggos! We would have them with syrop, cream cheese or just out of the toaster and on the run to school.

On friday when the BF and I were doing our weekly grocery "date" (yeah, we love groceries so much we spend a ton of time just wondering around the store discussing food and sales. We're cool like that!) I saw that eggos were on sale. I couldn't resist.

So on Saturday morning we had them for breakfast. They were everything I remembered them to be.

In the words of the BF "we can't just have eggos and syrup can we?". Nope! Fruit, yogurt and chocolate milk on a retro sunflower plate make the breakfast complete!

What did you have when growing up that you haven't had in a long time?


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