Saturday, November 26, 2011

breakfast of champions

This week was my last cake decorating course. Boy was it a struggle! What's supposed to be a fun time really turned out to be a huge stress! I was at my parents most of the week so I made my cake there. When I woke up the morning of the class my cake was cracked, my icing was leaking and splotchy. 
After the gym I bought some icing (it was 6:30am and I said to the cashiere th"breakfast of champions!". She wasn't impressed... I'm too perky in the morning). 

While I rushed to get ready my mom, who is amazing, iced my cake for me.

I drove 550km that day. Needless to say I was a bit late and pretty wound up by the time I rushed into the class. I decorated faster than anyone and was packed up and ready to go 30 minutes early.

Some notes:

1. I wanted to eat that cake!
2. It was a long day I had no patience to decorate a cake I kind of hated.
3. It's a good thing it tasted so good
4. We had to throw it out because I was ready to eat the WHOLE thing. I'm not joking.

I'm a certified cake "decorator". Although I think it should say "eater".


1 comment:

  1. a) You are so superb for taking a class. I keep meaning to go learn how to do SOMETHING but another life thing always seems to get in the way - so huge YAY for getting past all that stuff and just DOING it!
    b) I'm ready to eat that cake, too - and I don't even LIKE icing
    c) Opening the cafe at 6AM, I'm always the super-chipper one and I'm betting the look the cashier gave you was a lot like the ones I get from the kitchen staff every morning:)