Tuesday, November 29, 2011

food galore!

 We've been on a food making frenzy lately! It must be the new food processor...

I've been talking about pancakes for weeks now. I got my fix on Sunday!

Whole wheat and oatmeal pancakes. I accidentally dropped some dark chocolate chips into the last one. It was the best...
I can't eat pancakes with out banana slices.

Oh and I LOVE yogurt on pancakes. Who needs syrup? Oh right, I do... I dip my bites into some!
 On Sunday, after an awesome Zumba class (my cousin teaches on near my place every Sunday, how convienient!) the BF and I set to work on 30 fresh rolls for my family's early Christmas Dinner.

We may have ate some... and a frozen pizza... and leftover Jerk Chicken. Mmm... Jerk Chicken.

On monday for lunch we broke out the food processor and "whipped up" a batch of hummus! It needed more garlic, but the texture was perfection!


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