Wednesday, January 18, 2012

leftovers and production lines

A nice normal day at the office comes with an easy to put together outfit.

Leftovers from my mom's birthday party were just as tasty the next day!

I had a version of dessert in the form of vanilla yogurt, strawberries and chocolate shavings. I also had two jumbo raisin cookies!

I can't go to the office empty handed, but the cookies I brought had nuts and since she's allergice my mom made my co-worker a mini cake in a box!

 Putting the cake together.

The final tasty product!

Before heading to the gym I got a text from my brother saying "pick up some rice, 'we're making sushi for dinner!". We had fun making a production line and then eating every bite of our creation!


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  1. I love sushi, and that vanilla yoghurt with strawberries looks yummy! Your outfit is really nice too, you look so smart! :) xo