Saturday, April 21, 2012

team sandwich

Is anyone into the hunger games? I stayed up way past my bedtime last night finishing book three. I haven't even seen the movie yet!

Speaking of hunger, the BF and I have been feeding ours with lots and lots of sandwiches lately!

Lunch yesterday was sandwiches at a local restaurant and they didn't disappoint! Chicken Cheddar Wrap with Spicy Mayo + Ham and Salami. We each ate half of one!

  (Not shown: the amazing brownie we devoured before I could even say "let me take a picture!")

While at the restaurant we picked up half a loaf of our favourite bread: Potato Dill from Art-Is-In Bakery, added the leftover sliced pork chops (odd I know, but really amazing in a sandwich- of course!), sauteed onions, spinach and peppers, cheddar, dijon and jalepeno peppers.It made for a great dinner before heading out to boxing class!

This sandwich actually made us speechless it was so darn good!

Forget team Gale or Peeta, I'm on Team Sandwich! (If Peeta happens to show up to eat the sandwich with me, I'd be cool with that!).

Have a great Saturday!


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  1. I'm on team sandwich too, that looks amazing, I love sauteed onions in a sandwich xx