Thursday, April 12, 2012

what i've been up to

Happy Thursday! I'm especially excited about today because it's one day closer to my first weekend at home in what seems like forever!

I've been all over the place lately! At work I finally finished a huge project that's been eating up my life for a week and a half now:

 Taping up that box was so satisfying! Driving 800km round trip in one day to deliver it was not as satisfying!

I got to make all of one dinner at home this week and I chose something full of flavour: burritos!

 I was happy as can be to take a break from my project at work this week to take pictures of a new pizza brand we're introducing at one of our locations. I think I smiled through the whole photo shoot!

 Keeping me sane through the constant working are some fun snacks:

Smoothies. This one is strawberry, banana with yogurt, milk, flax and oats.

Cranberry Tea with Honey

Fruit and nut mixes from random items in my cupboards

And now back to work! Enjoy your day!


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