Monday, June 25, 2012

10 weeks 10 goals - week 7

Four more weeks until the big race! This past week was super hot, so I had to get up early to train. I still got in 4 rides outside and one indoor spinning class. We're well on our way.

Our 70km ride was pretty painful! After 3 days in a row of biking I was already a bit sore. Add to that headwind/uphill for 35km, a boring road and hunger, well it was a recipe for a bad ride. But we got through it!

I liked the break we got when I stopped to check out this massive field of sheep! There was also a cow, donkey and horse hanging out too.

This week I'm going to focus on hydration and stretching.

Week Seven 

Goal #1 - Minimum 4 bike rides, one being 80km (weather permitting) + 3 stretching routines

Goal #2 -practice hydration rules for long bike rides (pre, during and post hydration)

*I'm going to aim for 2 cups before my rides. During the ride I'll have 2 cups plain water + 2 cups sports drink. After the ride I'll have 2 cups plain water. I read up on it here

Did you know that Dietitians of Canada recommend that we consume 9-12 cups of fluid a day (that also includes foods we eat high in water e.g. milk and fruit).


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