Friday, July 13, 2012

you didn't go with the tofu?

It was a turquoise dress kind of day on Wednesday! 

Just like it was one of those "go out for lunch" days! We took our work to the Thai Restaurant across from our office to enjoy meals like this Pad Thai:

And my Spicy Tofu dish that got the table next to us talking. After I told them that it was tofu they all turned their noses up.

As we were leaving I asked them "oh, you didn't get the tofu dish?". They all laughed but I laughed more. The dish was one of the best tofu dishes I've had at a restaurant. Nice and spicy!

You never know until you try it!


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    1. Thank you! Like most of my unique dresses I got it from a shop just outside of Cobourg that is now closed!! It was sad, because the dresses were so one-of-a-kind. At least they are good quality and I will have them for years to come. I'm still on the look-out for a store like it in Ottawa.