Friday, August 17, 2012

holidays, hills and headwind

I'm back from holidays!

It was great to get away from technology and relax a bit. Unfortunately there was a bit more relaxing than we had hoped to do! We had planned to do a 4 day, 450km bike trip to a family cottage but weather and terrain where not on our side! We made it 1.5 days and 200km. I'm still pretty darn proud of that! Here's a sneak peak at our (short) trip:

Packed! We had one bag each for the trip. We sent our cottage clothes ahead with the people who were driving!

Morning Fuel of overnight oats

Excited to start the ride!

First set back at 16.4km - flat tire!

First stop  for lunch

Much needed fuel! Oreo blizzard!

100km mark

Only about 30km to go but we were beat! We were taking breaks every 10km at this point. The wind was really setting us back.

Made it! Night one we stayed in a bed and breakfast and enjoyed a much needed dinner and rest.

The view from the restaurant patio!

The best Caesar salad I've ever had!

Drying our clothes at the bed and breakfast

Hanging out waiting for our ride home


View from the cottage. Four days of rain!

What an adventure! Now it's back to reality. We're looking forward to a weekend spent at home.


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  1. Looks like a fun trip filled with great fun and great food!