Wednesday, July 14, 2010

City Travels

The first thing out of anyone's mouth after I told them I was moving to a new city was "but you don't know anyone, what will you do?". My question to them is, what won't I do?

I love cities. Everyone of them has something different to offer. Be that food, people, shops, activities, or architecture. When I moved to Kingston Ontario I diligently searched the internet for events and activities that I could join to meet new people and learn more about my community. I didn't search for long.

Kingston offered up a fabulous gym right down the street from my apartment. A tennis court just a short walk away. A vibrant downtown filled with shops, restaurants, and great weekend and weeknight events. A great community cycling group that takes weekly rides. And friendly people that have invited me into their circles with open arms.

I challenge everyone of you to drive, fly, sail, or take a train to a city you have never been to and experience what it has to offer!

*Photo taken downtown New York City, 2009. An overnight Greyhound trip I`ll never forget to the city that really never sleeps.

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