Monday, August 9, 2010

Inspired on a Monday

I've been very inspired by people who take items they already own and breathe new life into them with their sewing machines. I wanted to give it a try on this hum drum Monday.

Here's the lifeless wardrobe item:

An RW&Co shirt I bought a few years ago and the washing machine (and constant wear) destroyed. After reading a few tutorials I went at it with my seam ripper and scissors. After a few hours of ripping, sewing, and ironing I came out of my sewing room triumphant and with a refreshing addition to my wardrobe:


  1. I LOVE IT, Em! Do you take requests? Could you possibly make one for me...? :)

    <3 Caro

  2. Thanks Caro! Of course I can make you one. I just need a shirt from you closet and a few hours of entertainment! (I got caught up on the Young and the Restless during this project!)

  3. Cute!! You did such a wonderful job. Thank you for visiting me blog.