Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Clean up the old and make way for the new

I found myself wading through all of the alteration projects I piled up over the past few months. I've always though alterations where a very though job. Watching my mom expertly take apart 100 dollar (sometimes more) articles of other people's clothing made me cringe! She always seemed to be able to put them back together again without a thread out of place. The most astonishing jobs I've watched her accomplish have been taking apart a hem on a very expensive pair of designer jeans, keeping the thread intact, threading her machine with that thread, and sewing a new hem on the jeans. Genius!

Tonight I tackled 6 alteration jobs.

1) I made shorts out of some three quarter length pants.
2) Stitched up a rip in my pretty black dress my mom and I made last summer
3) Hemmed a jacket my mom made and then gave to me
4) Took in my favourite white pants
5) Took in an old pair of jogging pants
6) Attached a halter tie on the new dress I made (more about that later!)



Now I had reason to clean and re-organize my sewing room. It's bright and fresh for my next projects!

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