Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Le Grand Brulé

Mont Tremblant was everything we expected and more. After a confusing ride in on Friday night we entered our private condo. While blissfully sipping our wine and devouring our melt in your mouth beef tenderloin steaks, we really had no idea what was in store for us the next day....

"Oh my god" came the astonished words of the BF when he left the room. The view from the wall to wall windows on the other side of the condo was breathtaking. Apparently while taking confusing turns and stopping to look at our map we didn't notice our slow climb up a mountain to get to our hotel. That got us excited about our plans that day... hiking to the peak of Mont Tremblant.

After a stop at the info booth to get a map we quickly chose a hard route that would take us to the spots with the best routes. The path is called Le Grand Brulé, or the big burn. Two hours and 6.5km up later we made it to the peak. Unfortunately it was a bit of a disappointment. The trip up was amazing, but the amount of tourists and the very cold wind sort of ruined the triumphant feeling. Never-the-less it was a hike to remember!

Best moment of the weekend: seeing the first person at the top of the mountain and telling them, "yes, we just hiked up the mountain!" and seeing their expression.

Best meal: definitely the steak sandwiches (leftover steak with brie cheese and Dijon mustard on baguette) that we ate at the top of the hill.

Best dessert: eating a massive peanut butter cup on the big chair in the Village looking at the mountain.

Favourite wine: the french wine won with flying colours. I was really disappointed with the LCBO worker's pick. It tasted like fruit juice... Canadian wines just aren't for me.

Biggest realization of the weekend: don't ever let anyone make you feel like something you did isn't a great accomplishment. I had a hard time climbing that mountain (especially when the last 15 minutes where non-stop straight up!). The BF was practically racing up the mountain with me barely keeping up behind me. I had to remind myself that he is a 3rd degree black belt / competitive swimmer only a few years ago. . But I did it! I'm so proud of myself!

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