Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Visit to Grandma's

My grandmother is the sweetest lady. I was in her area on business today and stopped by to say hello. A short hello turned into dinner, chatting, and treasures galore! Every time I would mention something I was doing or a new thing I enjoyed she had another item in my take home "box" (which was actually 3 bags and 2 boxes). Here's what I packed my trunk full of after a fun afternoon:

- a vintage glass cake plate
- a glass candy dish
- 1 box of goodies for my mom (dishes, ect)
- a woman's magazine from 1980 with a great recipe for chocolate cake (a.k.a. birthday cake!)
- fresh veggies from her glorious garden: carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, apples
- canned goods: relish, jam, and salsa (SO GOOD!)
- my grandfather's old running shoes from a very long time ago for my bro
- a shoebox full of colourful thread
- a pile of fabric

To finish off the day I made some great goodies for our lunches tomorrow:

Green Bean, Tomato (from grandma's garden!), strawberry and couscous salad

Strawberry, Pear, and Apple Compote, sugar free!

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