Thursday, February 10, 2011

Because dresses are pretty

I volunteer with some 'at risk' youth at the YMCA in my city. I'm the nutritionist for a cooking class. It's pretty fun, mostly because I get to eat tons of free food!

Tonight one of the little girls said "you're always wearing dresses". I told her it's because they are pretty! Here are a few I've been wearing lately:

Casual dress over jeans for a Sunday

Knit shirt dress for work

And what's a post without some food shots!

PB B and J open faced sandwiches for snack

Pan Fried Fillet of Basa with Asian Aioli and Sauteed Veg

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  1. Let's hope you inspired her to do the same. Roll models can change the course of a life. You look lovely as always. Your MA!