Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Beef

The BF started this last year. Instead of chocolates, roses, or heart shaped candies he brought over a most succulent Beef Tenderloin and cooked it to perfection for me. This year he tried to up his game! He made a slow roasted 6-day aged Prime Rib. We both agreed the beef tenderloin was much better, but still it's the thought that counts! Here's my day in pictures:

Friday's outfit: totally rocking the graphic sweater!

Saturday morning breakfast in bed! Yogurt, homemade granola bars, and fruit salad.

While running arands we discussed what to have for lunch. In the end we reverted to our new favourite question: "what sandwich can we panini?". We went with Med. Chicken, Swiss, meddly of antipasto, grainy dijon, on fresh multi grain bread. I wasn't feeling too hot so I added some chicken noodle soup to the menu. Tip: Add seasonings and veggies to canned soup for a more homemade feel. I added pepper, hot chili flakes, green onion and spinach to this. Perfection!

And for a bit of fashioned thrown into the mix- I'm loving this outfit!

La piece de resistance: the beef before and after. Here it is still aging in my fridge and then 12 hours later on the dinner table with roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts. The wine was a Cote du Rhone. It's usually one of my go to french selections but this particular variety was quite acidic and only good after the second glass!

For dessert... what else? Fondu!

*Not shown: the awesome afternoon snack at The Chocolate Cafe downtown. A Chocolate Truffle cake with two forks. I love chocolate themed holidays!


  1. Lovely meal and the outfit....Beautiful.

  2. oh you went to it! I want to go to the chocolate cafe!