Sunday, February 27, 2011

Boys vs Girls

Every weekend I get at home I cherish! I really love my apartment. It really gives me a homey feel in a city that didn't feel very homey.

I had to do some work this weekend and it gets pretty cold in my office so I added a scarf to my usual sweater/jeans weekend outfit. I love the punch of colour!

For dinner the BF and I used up some ground beef and mini buns to make sliders. We put grilled onions, mushrooms, pickles, hot peppers and our new love: dijon mustard on them. We had warm mushroom and asparagus salad with cranberries, balsamic vinaigrette and spinach. Lastly we crisped up some sweet potato fries. What a fabulous under 600 calorie meal!

The BF was on the verge of loosing the bet unless we did some sort of work out and seeing how the day was gorgeous and sunny we decided to check out the x-country skiing trails just outside the city. What a great workout that sport is! It's too bad I had to discover my inferiority complex during the entire ski! We both learned how to ski at the same time with the same instructor but there he is gliding past me with ease on the trails. It's a good thing the BF gets me! Afterwords he let me vent and calmly told me I have to get over him being bigger and stronger than him. If you really think about it- I would have to put on a whole lot of muscle to be as strong as him and that's just not attractive!

To celebrate our workout and my new found realization that boys are sometimes naturally better than girls at some things we made greek pitas... on the panini maker of course!

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