Monday, March 28, 2011

Carpet Picnics

I LOVE picnics; outdoor ones and indoor ones! Our kitchen in the new apartment is finally set but our dining room isn't. Here's our "dinner" table for the next few days:

We had panini sandwiches for lunch (turkey, havarti, tomato pesto, artichoke hearts and hot peppers).

For breakfast, surprise, we had scrambled egg paninis! Can you tell that's the only appliance in the kitchen right now?

Amongst unpacking chaos we went for a lovely dinner at Friday's Roast Beef House. It was as good as it sounds!
Above picture: a thrown together fancy outfit beside a gorgeous hutch that we get to use as our dry bar. That is actually the purpose its original owner (the bf's brother-in-law's grandmother). She was glad to find out it was being used for what she bought it for!

Back at my Kingston apartment: it's sad, empty and filled with boxes and things everywhere. I'm sitting alone with my laptop having the last of my instant oatmeal that I made from a microwave sitting on my kitchen floor. Oh the joys of moving! I love it!



  1. Panini's! Did the firemen come??

  2. Hey,
    thanks for visiting me today (and no, never wrong to want apricot square for a meal...I had it for breakfast and lunch today. ON A MONDAY...what was I thinking?!)
    I also love a picnic. We have a family takeaway picnic (ie on a blanket in the lounge) most saturday nights...and, when having a cheeky night in a hotel, Cleggy and I almost never go out, but have a picnic on the bed! I used to plan my outfit (!), now I plan the picnic!!!
    liking your blog - will pop back soon
    fee x

  3. Thank you so much for the sweet comments and stopping by..I am drolling over that hutch..we use an old armoire! I love that green top also! I am your newest follower!