Saturday, March 26, 2011

Three outfits on a sunny Friday

Outfit One: A springlike look (that I had to cover with a winter jacket to go outside. It's still cold out there despite the gorgeous sun). The jacket was one of my first sewing projects years ago. It says a lot for classic timeless style.

Outfit Two: A casual look for a casual gathering! I wore these gorgeous socks to keep my feet warm AND because they match my sweater!

Outfit Three: Bundled up for a walk to the store. You can never look too "together" even when you're running errands.


  1. I'd hardly call coming to my house a casual gathering! obviously it's the height of sophisticated society!

  2. The second outfit is sooo cute! The socks are my favourite part, hehe.

    And the last outfit looks like you should be walking through the streets of Paris! :)