Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cobourg Weekend Part 2 - Saturday

Up at the crack of dawn to make breakfast! We baked the lovely scones prepared the night before, a fruit platter with a vanilla yogurt dip, scrambled eggs and maple glazed turkey sausages.

I mixed fat free plain yogurt with vanilla extract and a bit of sweet and low. A perfect pair (second only to melted dark chocolate!).

My mom came up with idea: drizzle maple syrup on sausages while they fry. A perfect hint of sweetness!

The scones where light, crisp and flaky!

After breakfast we went out on the town and bought tasty treats and delightful wardrobe additions in Cobourg's hidden treasure of a downtown.

At Divine Cravings we stopped to chat with the lovely owners, Erin Rollings and her husband, to talk about the business and what was fresh from the oven at that early hour. We bought a bag full of goodies including freshly baked bread, cinnamon buns, pecan butter tarts and pie! Check them out on facebook! They make delicious goodies for any occasion!

One hundred year old rolling pin:

Cookies in a jar! I love that she layered all the ingredients. Gorgeous!

Next stop was From the Bottoms Up to chat with it's fun and creative owner to see what she had in store for spring. I found these great items all for under $60! I love end of season sales!

Love, Emilie

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