Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Great things about a normal Tuesday

Things I loved about today:

1) Breakfast with my brother after a hard workout at the gym. We discovered squat jumps with the medicine ball! For breakfast he scrambled some eggs while I took care of the toast and making my lunch.

2) My hair and outfit today. It was sexy, comfy, confident and chick!

3) Our new -used- couch is awesome (comfy, easily cleaned, and looks brand new) but didn't fit in my old apartment so I had to leave it sticking out of my car for two days and then drive it 200km to my new apartment. I think I did pretty well for no rear view mirror or passenger side blind spot view. It looks so good in its new home!

4) Seeing the BF and our new apartment after a long drive and eating dinner picnic style on the floor of our dining room.

5) Buying pudding cups from Walmart. I needed a chocolate fix.

6) Doing laundry in the building! This is big for me. I've been using a laundry mat for a year now and I think I deserve a bit of laundry heaven (even if the machines are old and in the basement of my very creepy apartment building. I'll take it!).


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