Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who's groceries are these?

I did a few groceries on the weekend intending to drive from Ottawa to Kingston, stop off at home, unpack them and then head to work. But life got in the way again! Traffic and a tight deadline made me skip my stop home and go straight to work. Luckily I work in the food service industry and having grocery bags kicking around isn't a strange site.

I also had no car for most of the day so I had to make my lunch from what I had in my grocery bags! It was fun putting a complete meal together. I came up with a Thai Tuna and Spinach Salad with Almonds, a pear, carrots and a Fresca all "a la styrofoam". Very classy!

I call this my victorian army outfit. It got rave reviews at volunteering! I love how blunt kids are with their comments about fashion. "Why are you wearing an old style shirt"? Love it!

On a very happy note, I'm on day 12 of my two week challenge with the BF! And surprise surprise we're both winners! The prize? Awesome bods and new found self control! Congrats to us!


  1. both winners? that made me gag a little lol

  2. Jess! what have I told you about internet snark ! lol
    People are going to think you're a troll....