Sunday, April 3, 2011

One room at a time

My family's moving motto has always been "one room at a time". It really helps keep the stress levels in check. If only it actually worked. How can you not be stressed when this is what all the rooms look like:

Moving Day Mess

Moving Day Fun!

Amongst it all we had to rush 100km away for a baby shower yesterday. We had just enough time for the BF to park in front of Superstore and for me to run in and put together a present. I wrapped it in the car. I'm pretty proud of it!

More long car trips! I really liked my nap on the way back though.

Pretty Easter themed present featuring Mr. Chirpster (which I miss dearly now that I see the pictures. We really bonded in the car ride over.)



  1. Moving is so so stressful, I'm pretty sure it's my least favourite thing in the entirety of the world. Beers definitely help. :)

    Hope everything starts to feel more home-y and comfortable soon!

  2. Guinness makes any move more tolerable. LOL. Your family motto is a wise one. Roland