Friday, April 29, 2011

P for Pants

Happy sunny Friday!

I heard on the news yesterday that Ottawa has had the rainiest Spring in its history this year. So I'm pretty happy to see the sun in my living room this morning while I ate my pretty bowl of Whole Grain Cheerios with banana slices and black berries.

Where were you when the prince got married? I was at the gym on doing my cardio! I had completely forgotten until I looked at the TVs in the gym and half of them where tuned into the ceremony. I got my earbuds plugged in just in time to hear the commentators talk about "the dress" (which I thought was lovely!).

Outfits from the past two days are brought to you by the letter p for pants!

This is a shout out to Misty of An Unpretentious Teacher who was sweet enough to feature a blogger appreciation post about! Thanks Misty!


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