Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rabbit Love x12!

The BF is just horrible at surprises! I got my Rabbit day presents early this year. About 3 months ago I searched rabbit jewelery on etsy and found this amazing necklace for only $14! I immediately emailed the link to the BF thinking he would find it cute, but it showed up in our mailbox the other day and he couldn't keep the surprise from me! I love it. What a great BF! (He really knows how to take a hint!)

Did I mention our trek to the Lindt chocolate store today? There really isn't anything I loved better than this trip...

I can't wait for next weekend. He promised to hide all 12 of the chocolate bunnies he bought me!



  1. how adorable and thoughtful of the bf! ok girl, you need to show your eye color in your pictures, it's BLUE isn't it?

    bunny love,


  2. The bunny necklace is too cute! Love it!