Monday, April 18, 2011

Rainy Weekend Activities

My first full weekend in Ottawa and it rains! But life inside our cozy downtown flat is warm and sunny because we had fun activities and projects to keep us content.

Cake for the Carrot Cake Contest at work.

I grated by hand all while dreaming of a day when I have cupboard and counter space for more appliances like a food processor.

I made the recipe from the recent food and drink magazine. I omitted the pineapple, which apparently was a mistake. The cake wasn't very moist and I think the pineapple would have helped. Also, I was told the flavour doesn't overpower the cake.

In the end Jessi (of Sparrows and Arrows) won the contest with her wonderfully moist and delicious Carrot Cupcakes. I had two... and a half!

Outfit for my Sunday errands.

Complete with my beloved rabbit necklace, favourite spring jacket (made by me a few years back and still wear every year), and my famous red boots.

Panini sandwich for lunch... and dinner... and breakfast! We sure do love our panini sandwiches. This one has over 10 ingredients!



  1. this looks DIVINE!!! omg. lol. cute outfit too!


  2. Mmmm, I wish I was eating carrot cake AND a panini right now. And wearing those boots. :)

  3. that cake looks so good! and i like your outfit :)

  4. Your look is awesome! And that cake is making me melt :(