Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"get ready for summer ladies!"

My gym has that saying on all their sign up sheets for personal trainers. It really got me thinking about bathing suits and how I haven't bought a new one in a very long time. I'm spending more time at cottages and pools the past few summers so I think it's time to invest in a fun and stylish suit.

I was searching the web today and found that today's styles are amazing and all about fun shapes and patterns and less about "minimal coverage". Here a few that I'm thinking about and then compared to ones I could actually afford.

Urban Outfitters at $99 and $89 respectively.


Old Navy suits at $34.50 each.

Humm... I think I'm going to go with buying two suits for the price of one expensive one. Especially since the styles only last for one or two seasons (which usually equals the life of the suit anyways).

What are you wearing to the cottage this summer?



  1. i remember that navy striped suit from one of the million times i was internet window shopping on urban outfitters. the only new bikini is got is in the mail as we speak: jcrew in a pretty blush color. hopefully it fits!

  2. I really like the striped swimsuit from Urban Outfitters. It's very stylish and fun.