Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sneakers and Skirt

Did that name evoke the image of the city "commuter" look you see on women bustling from the subway to a tall office building? But that's not what my post is about! Separate those items and you get my day:

I love morning workouts! Today I woke up bright and early to hit the bikes at cycle fit class sporting my new running shoes!

After a tasty bowl of oatmeal, banana and glass of milk I showered and changed into a great spring outfit! I'm loving navy and white!

I was pleasantly surprised by the VP today with a tasty pressed yogurt frozen treat (only 100 calories!). It was tasty.

Dinner was and easy pan fried tilapia fillet, herbed noodles and garden salad with feta cheese.



  1. Those shoes are so CUTE! Holy cow, love the purple. ♥

  2. What kind of noodles are those?

  3. Those are just whole wheat spaghetti noodles my brother had left over. I fried them up with a bit of pesto and some other spices.