Friday, June 3, 2011

Packing Tips

I'm always packing. I pack for weekends away, I pack for my three-day-a-week Kingston stay for work and then I pack for work trips near and far. I'm a born packer and I love it!

Ever since I was young I always loved packing for trips, sometimes even more than the actual trip. An example, was this past weekend in Montreal. We weren't 15 minutes into the drive before the BF said "I'm thirsty". I quickly handed him some water from a bottle I stashed in my door. Twenty minutes later he was hungry so I offered him a variety of snack options like sliced strawberries, apples or canned gingerale. To this he replied "you're always so prepaid!".

Here are some of my clothes packing tips:

- Always check the weather. Make sure you plan for all types of weather (rain, heat, cold). Remember that weather is also unpredictable so always bring a spare opposite weather outfit.

- Anticipate all activities and what type of clothes and shoes you'll need for them. The later is an important one! Being a woman I always pack some comfy type of shoes for whatever may come up (be it driving, going for a walk, doing a workout, etc).

- Pack in complete outfits. This one is important for not forgetting anything! I set my clothes out in whole outfits from undergarments all the way to accessories and shoes.

Outfits for my three day work-week in Kingston and Toronto including workout wear, comfy driving shoes, rain jacket and scarf in case of rain/cold, shoes, clothes and accessories for each.

- Shown above is my favourite toiletry devise. I use it even when I'm not traveling, mostly because I don't want to have to unpack it and re-pack it every three days. The top pouch is for my emergency stuff (bandaides, sewing kit, etc), the second pouch is makeup and cream, the third pouch is all my products (e.g. soap, shampoo), and the large pouch at the bottom is for hair products (brush, gel, straightening iron). Love this thing, get one if you travel lots!

Here are some food packing tips:

- Anticipate how long food will be without any form of refrigeration. I've been caught having to through whole meals out because I forgot I didn't have access to a fridge until the end of the day.

- Although it's best to use re-usable containers, remember that they get pretty nasty if you don't wash them right away. Sometimes disposable baggies are best if you don't have access to doing the dishes.

- Pack in meals and use separate bags for each meal or day. This keeps food organized and makes sure you're getting proper nutrition and portions for each meal.

Last but not least- luggage tips:

Keep it light and easy to carry! I use a variety of bags (shown bellow) to keep organized and stay light. I use only one or two at every stop (e.g. brief case and one lunch bag at work; suitcase at the place I'm staying; gym bag at the gym; etc).

All ready for the week - starting on the left going counterclockwise: gym bag, suitcase (love the "carpet bag" style because you can really stuff it full!); emergency bag of wires (e.g cell phone charger- this usually stays in my car); briefcase; laptop case; food bag with all my lunches in it; carrot cake for competition at work. All set to go!


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  1. Loved the tips and how fun...MONTREAL!!! My husband travels there a lot and he says it is amazing. I would love to visit there one day :) P.S. Love that you are stocked with snacks...a girl after my own heart. I have more snacks that cash in my purse!