Saturday, June 4, 2011

Apartment Project: The Living Room and Entrance

The living Room has been one of those "work in progress" rooms. But it's 90% done and it's finally a sunny day to take pictures. So here it goes!

This room has my inspiration for most of my decorating these days: The Orange Ottoman. It was love at first site. When the BF picked up one side and asked me to get the other to bring it to the cash I think i nearly fainted (it's the most expensive piece we bought for the whole apartment! But I think he knew how much I loved it).

Everything seemed to fall into place after we got it. I found the room needed something with pizazz as you'll see everything is brown, black or white. So the orange is the punch it needed.

Without further ado, the before and after of our living room and entrance!

Entrance Before:

Entrance After:

Living Room Before:

Living Room After:

The BF is so proud of his contribution of the orange pot on the shelf. He's also excited that I love James Bond (especially Sean Connery) as much as he does. We each picked a movie poster to showcase. Mines was Audrey Hepburn having breakfast at Tiffany's!

My desk and the last thing that needs to be done in the room. I want to paint it a vintage brown. Thoughts?

A special guest who also loved our pretty and oh-so-soft and comfy shag rug! Sweet dreams Abby!



  1. it looks good! I will have to come see it soon!

  2. Gorgeous ottoman! LOVE the colour.

    P.S. Yes, would love to go to Glebe sale with you next year. Or, possibly meet within the next year. Lol.