Tuesday, June 21, 2011

50's BBQ

Jessi and I helped out at a work catering downtown today. It had a 1950's theme. I reveled in the chance to wipe the dust off my poodle skirt I bought for $5 a few years ago for an event similar to this one.

But before the BBQ I had a few hours to spend at work, so I used most of my costume to make a work appropriate outfit:

Before leaving I used the belt ribbon in my hair to make a big bow and changed into my skirt:

There were three vintage cars at the BBQ. We couldn't help but get some shots with them.

It was hot and there were 500 people to serve, but we did it in style and with lots of smiles!

Speaking of heat, check out what the chef's had to deal with!

It was Jessi's first time serving food! She did a spectacular job!

Strawberry shortcake for dessert! It's the best way to end a hard morning's work under the sun.



  1. That strawberry shortcake looks delicious and YOU look adorable in both of your outfits! I'm enamored just a little with the 50's era so that just makes me smile!

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